Endorse It In Dorset Festival

Line Up

Headmix Collective
Headmix are a Brighton-based 5 piece that from their formation in 1996 immediately became a hugely popular addition to stages throughout the UK and the continent. The band's uniquely crafted dubfolk style, energy filled live shows and highly skilled musicianship has led to sold-out performances and an incredibly loyal fan base. Whether in a field at a festival or at an indoor venue, a Headmix live show always leaves the audience satisfied. Their distinctive mix of traditional acoustic instruments, drum n bass grooves and beautiful vocal harmonies with conscious lyrics have been captured on 4 albums: Bridge the Gap (1996), Birthrights (1998), Headmix 'Live' (2000) and Reach Out (2002). Headmix are currently working on a new album due for release in Summer 2022. Their single 'Right Now' is released on 02/02/22 on bandcamp.
Assassination Bureau
1974, a fallout shelter miles below ground level in a country that no longer exists. After the spectacular failure of a mission to assassinate key members of a corrupt government, three deniable agents find themselves locked in a seemingly impenetrable concrete structure, their weapons confiscated, no means of escape. As the sound of gunfire came ever closer, their only hope of survival became clear, and they began assembling crude instruments from leftover ration packs and elements of heating ducts. The full story of their arduous return to civilisation requires a higher level of security clearance. After assuming new identities, and writing songs during long nights avoiding border patrols, The Assassination Bureau have successfully infiltrated the upper echelons of rock n roll society, now an elite unit dedicated to fighting injustice and mediocrity. Playing an eclectic mix of punk, ska, reggae and beyond, the Bureau are guaranteed to astound and dismay audiences from the dive bar to the ambassador's reception
The Sporadics
Conceived at Endorse It festival in a maelstrom of punk, special brew and toxic waste, the SPORADICS have their roots firmly in the festival scene. Playing jump-up ska rhythms with raucous punk riffs and heavy dub lines, they’re crustier than a tiger loaf and sure to get the crowd bouncing. So put your big boots on, grab a beer and jump in the skankin mosh pit!
Curst Sons
The Curst Sons - Stomping Backwoods Americana One of the best, if most unlikely, acts to come out of Brighton – hands down. They play bluegrass, gospel and rockabilly as if their lives and loves depended on it, mixing Americana classics with tuneful originals full of superior lyrics. Time Out The Curst Sons unique sound mixes traditional American roots genres with powerful original songs and gutsy live shows. Their inspiration is the pre Rock n’ Roll world of Blues, Gospel and Old Time - given a jolt of electricity and a kick-ass stomp. Since 1998 they have released six studio albums and one 10” vinyl EP, have been Runners up in the international Song Writing Competition (ISC), nominated for Best Alt Country Album in the Independent Music Awards and for Best Americana Act in the British Country Music Awards. They have played far too many pubs, clubs and festivals to remember, twice been Time Out magazine’s critic’s choice and recorded two live sessions for the much missed Mark Lamarr show on BBC Radio 2. As fine a band as we've had in session on the show. Mark Lamarr BBC Radio 2 They gnarl and twist together elements of bluegrass, rockabilly, country and blues and spew forth a sound that is instantly recognisable as their own. What may be overlooked is the fact that the Curst Sons are damn fine songwriters as well as potent lyricists. If it is true that the Devil has all the best tunes, then he must undoubtedly have nicked some of them from The Curst Sons. Ken Brown FATEA The Curst Sons never fail to deliver a foot-stompin’ barnstorming performance of such intensity you’re left grinning like an idiot by the end! Hastings Independent Press
Some Dogs
The band was formed by Jim Dog & Big Bird on a simple premise - country songs are great but they are too slow and can sound a bit moany but played loud & fast they are perfect
Wessex Pistols
All the Punk Hits (and more) Hillbilly Style ....guitar/mandolin/squeeze-box/double-bass/fiddle/stand-up drums
Guns of Navarone
10 piece rocking Ska band, quite possibly the finest in Dorset
Consummate Rogues
Consummate Rogues are a UK-based Rhythm and Blues band, made up of some of London’s top session musicians. As well as the deep-rooted influence of blues, country and Americana on their music, there are also traces of classic British pop music within their sound, creating an unconventional and unique flavour. The individual members have each paid their dues on the UK music scene, including appearances at Glastonbury Festival, The Royal Albert Hall, T in the Park, Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club and the 02 Arena, as well as touring accolades with artists such as The James Hunter Six, Nine Below Zero, Squeeze, Jools Holland, Charlie Watts and Mick Taylor!
Mother Ukers
Mother Ukers - "International Pioneers of Ukular Fusion" Mother Ukers are proving to be a big hit on the musical entertainment scene, performing a repertoire of songs you know in their own unique 1920's ukular style & with a constantly busy schedule of gigs and appearances through out the UK. In the last 10 years they have quickly risen to be among the top UK ukulele acts, playing alongside world renowned artists at the countries largest ukulele festivals including, The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain, The Ukulele Festival of Scotland, Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, Grand Southern Ukulele Festival amongst others festivals. Their eclectic mix of music genres blended with subtle comedy and smart gentry, steam punk image has also allowed them to take steps out of the ukulele scene and further into the entertainment industry. To the Future!
Thee Mighty Saint Pancras
London’s premier blues punk band
Formed by Colin Holton, saviors of rock n roll and pioneers of Mongrel Rock - singing songs about people, places and things in Salisbury!
Cash Converted
He may be gone but his songs live on. Mark Carter-Cash has given up his job on the railway and taken over the baton to deliver that unique vocal and guitar style loved by country music fans everywhere.
Dr. Beatroot
Dr Beatroot are a 5-piece British Skifflely bluegrass band from Bournemouth , Dorset. The band formed over the 2000’s from a collection of friends and hail as a ‘Bunch of passing fools’ who came together from a mixture of other bands and who all just cant get enough Bluegrass and Appalachian roots music. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses Percussive bluegrass, country, skiffle and Appalachian roots with High energy, Traditional and newer tunes that will make you want to Whoop n tap along, stamp your feet and sing out loud.
Brighton 4 piece CIDERDOGS play foot stomping, banjo bashing, toe curling, cider soaked Cowpunk. Armed with a bags of songs not for the fainted hearted, with a live show to match.
Meat Sweats
Meat Sweats are a noisy, drunken, babbling, sharing, caring bunch of fools from the badlands of Bournemouth and Parkstone
Gypsy Jukebox
‘Seven-piece turbo-folk-ska-reggae-punk riot!’
Big Red Ass
Playing their original recipe of ska based ridiculousness. Come and doff your hat, honk your kazoo and dance your cheeks flushed
Grant Sharkey
Bass playing troubadour releasing an album every 6 months for 20 Years and touring as far as possible
The Splott Brothers
The return to Endorset of the magnificent Splott Brothers..
Eat Static
Eat Static was formed in 1989 by Merv Pepler and Joie Hinton as a creative outlet for the diverse range of electronic music that the pair were writing... This year see's them reach the magical 30 years of performing! Always primarily intended as a live band, Eat Static can legitimately claim to be one of the UK's first live techno outfits. Eat Static quickly developed a spectacular live show that included a huge light-show and a giant illuminated brain. A loyal following quickly formed, with the crowds realising that dance could be performed live at a time when 'live' performances by other bands were often mimed PA’s. Since that time Eat Static have played hundreds of gigs headlining festivals and shows around the world.
In 1992 when grunge was what every self respecting alternative music fan was into, a group of friends who decided to go against the grain formed a band that the likes of Dorset and the world had never seen. 30 odd years ago they started off by busking outside Debenhams in Bournemouth and then played their first gig at the Brunswick Hotel in Charminster. It was after that gig they received their first ever review too- on collection of their gear the following morning, they discovered the landlord's dog had left a rather large message by the drum kit.
The Members
THE HISTORY OF THE MEMBERS Formed in Surrey, England, in the summer of 1977, the Members played at the Roxy and all the other Punk clubs on the london circuit..Their first single Solitary confinement was released on Stiff records in 1978 and is now a collectors item, they then signed to Virgin Records Their first Virgin single, The Sound of the Suburbs, was a British Top Ten Hit selling 250,000 copies in 3 months (it has since sold 1,000,000 copies), Their debut LP, At the Chelsea Nightclub was listed as one of the top 20 punk Lp's by record collector. In 1983 they moved to Martin Rushents Electro/80's Label Genetic to record to the classic Uprhythm, Downbeat Album broadening their sound with horns. Working Girl from that album was a huge hit in the USA. Radio was a No1 record in other territories including Australia. During the 80's the Members toured endlessly across north America experiencing the elation of huge shows in New York and Los Angeles. FROM 70's PUNK to 80's ELECTRO POP to FILM MUSIC AND BACK AGAIN Since reforming in 2007 The Members have re-established themselves as one of the best bands from the Punk and Post Punk Period, the Current (2019) Line up of JC Carroll, Chris Payne, Nick Cash and Calle Engelmarc have played prestigious shows at the isle of wight and Glastonbury Festivals, toured the World released three albums and played hundreds of Shows, for three years legend of the Damned Rat Scabies was behind the kit..The bands songwriter guitarist JC Carroll is an accomplished Multiinstrumentalist and Film Composer he has played accordian for Marlon Bardo and Johnny Depp and written movie scores for Julien Temple as well as recording his own solo work. , Bass Player and Singer Chris Paynes Reggae Bass style has shaped the Band since 1977 and Fad Gadget Drummer Nick Cash has been a constant, collaborator, friend and supporter for over 15 years. Since 2009 Band have recorded four studio Albums and two live albums. The latest record being “Bedsitland” released in July 2021.
20 Mar 2022, 11:22 You sent You sent The electro dub rock collision that is Subgiant, rocked onto the commercial scene with seminal single ‘Filthy’ in 2006. Shortly followed by the esteemed album Global Control. After giving Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name Of” the Subgiant treatment, Radio 1’s Rob Da Bank picked up on the sound and promptly booked them up to play Bestival, and has done for the last 6 years on the trot. All prolific music producers in their own rights, Dan, Olly & Tushar came together through a love of playing live electronica. Their influences run far and wide and to try and pin Subgiant to any single genre is futile. As The Wire once said, “it's wonderful to see proper musicians squandering their talents on 'dance music'!". The original line up has recently expanded with the addition of vocalist Titus D, enabling the band to express lyrically the depth and diversity of their sound. Also joining them in the last year is saxophinst Lizzy Stoneman.